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In good Company – West Oakland

Originally Posted by Efrain Barragan on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This past August I had the honor of participating in Clif Bar’s “In Good Company” program with 20 other people from all across the country. We spent ten days living and working side by side, doing construction work for a non-profit partner in West Oakland called City Slickers Farm. City Slickers Farms grows and sells fresh, affordable produce to the community and also helps people build their own backyard gardens so that they can grow their own food. The work that they do is really inspiring, and I’m grateful to Clif Family Winery and Clif Bar & Company for allowing me to participate in such an amazing project.

Upon arrival we learned that West Oakland is what they call a “food desert”, a place where people in the community have no access to fresh fruits and vegetables and do their grocery shopping at liquor stores etc. It seems hard to believe when we have such an abundance of fresh food in our backyard – West Oakland being just 60 miles away has no access to healthy food options.

We spent the week working on three projects, building a timber roof- outdoor classroom, a mobile woodshop and a washing station to wash produce. The work was hard but fulfilling. We learned how to work together as a team and also do things out of our comfort zone, like use a skill saw and share a room with a complete stranger. At the end of the week we were all best friends and formed long lasting friendships with each other. It felt good to give back to the community and spend the week doing hard labor.

To my fellow Clif Family Winery employees…if you have the opportunity to participate in the “In Good Company” program next year, please do! It’s a chance to do meaningful work, meet great people, learn something new and have a lot of fun!


Efrain Barragan

A special thanks to Matt, Kevin,Tonia and Semar at Just Fine Design for doing such an outstanding job designing all the projects we worked on.

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